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Surface Finishing

What is wet paint spraying?

Wet spraying is a traditional surface coating method by which we apply a liquid coating (Zinc Silicate, Epoxy, Polyurethane or Glass Flake Epoxy) to a prepared surface.

At MAINE SURFACE FINISHING we offer wet spraying in a full range of colours on a direct to metal coat finish or on a multi-coat system, depending on your requirements. We offer conventional, airless, air assisted and HVLP application systems. All coatings can be applied to a specified Dry Film Thickness (DFT) to suit general industrial and heavy duty applications.

To ensure that we maintain the highest possible standards of protective coating quality that you come to expect at MAINE we employ a number of practises:

  • All our painters are trained to ICATS standard (Industrial Coatings Applicator Training Scheme).
  • We have qualified in-house inspectors trained up to Level III ICorr (Institute of Corrosion).
  • Individual swatch tests, product tests and whole factory climatic tests which utilise a range of manual and electronic NDT tests on prepared, in-process and finished products.

Where required we can provide copies of full quality reports and supplementary documentation. We know that the quality of our coatings speak for themselves and we are sure that you also will be impressed.

Why choose wet paint spraying?

As well as the high quality finish we offer at MAINE please contact us to discuss your requirements for:

  • Exact colour match to any colour.
  • Metallic, pearl and effect finishes.
  • Compliance to various standards, including: WIMES, NORSOK, ISO, SSPC and others.
  • Versatile, perfect for a variety of projects: trim, decorative finishes, cabinets, shutters, control panels, furniture, metal structures.

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