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Is the preparation important?

The obvious answer to the above question is yes, yet this is one of the stages which is most neglected for thoroughness. This means that the corrosion protection of the product can be compromised and the powder coating or wet paint spraying won't offer the life you desire.

At MAINE PREPARATION we put as much energy into ensuring that the surface preparation of the product is as good as the quality of the finished coating. This is the MAINE reason that your product still looks good years after it leaves our factory. This pre-treatment process can include the following processes:

  • degreasing (solvent or aqueous)
  • blasting, for the removal of possible scale, rust and surface imperfections in adherence to BS7079 (including: steel grit, aluminium oxide, glass bead)
  • chemical pre-treatment, an eco-friendly and multi-metal pre-treatment process (conversion or dry-in-place)

Maximum capacity

By investing in extendible blast booths the only limit we have is the oversize door frame: 4.4mtr wide or 4.2mtr tall.

* If you want to find out more about how Maine Surface Finishing can help meet your requirements please contact us.

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