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Why use Maine for your fabrication and assembly?

In modern manufacturing it can be economies of scale and spare capacity which often dictate how best to tailor production requirements. Due to the requirements for continual investment to remain competitive there are occasions where it is more cost effective to out-source some of the operations required to enable the smooth running of your production processes, this is especially true when you are trying to blend products from a number of suppliers.

MAINE FABRICATION is set up to allow you to maximise your production flow and ensure that you receive your product in the time frame that you expect and at the quality which your customer demands. We offer coded welding of various substrates (including mild steel and stainless steel) and full wet paint or powder coating to your specifications. At MAINE ASSEMBLY we provide a service to ensure that we can deliver to you a fully documented and 100% QC inspected, painted and finished product ready for you to integrate into your final production stages. Rather than deal with a number of suppliers Maine Assembly takes care of this task and removes this headache. We work hard to provide solutions and meet your requirements for a seamless JIT/Kanban supply chain.

What next?

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  • Full control of costs.
  • Alleviating bottle necks and wasted time in your processes.
  • Full and complete deliveries to your door at your time frame.

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