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From the road to our paint booth and back on the road ...

When preparing and finishing any road vehicles it's important to have the correct equipment, the correct atmospheric conditions and also the correct capacity. At MAINE we can provide all three!

With our high capacity blasting and wet spraying booths we can accommodate any length of road transportable item. When this is combined with a fully enclosed and generous floor area in measured atmospheric conditions it's easy to see why MAINE is the only choice for a large number of clients. Being able to control and adjust our internal atmospheric conditions we can ensure that your product is optimally prepared so as to meet your needs and to give you peace of mind that the finish achieved can be a reflection of your name and quality you expect in your products.

At MAINE we can issue a complete certification pack which includes, but is not limited to; compliance with blast media, finished blasting grade, corrosion prevention, minimum film thickness.

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