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SS Nomadic

Launched in Belfast on 25 April 1911 the SS Nomadic was built as a tender to RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic, it is now the last remaining White Star Line ship in the world! When Nomadic returned to Belfast in 2006, she was in a sorry state and bore little resemblance to the original condition in which she had left 95 years before. At MAINE we were proud to be involved in such a prestigious restoration project. For more information why not visit the SS Nomadic website?

1962 Fordson Super Dexta

The range of Fordson Super Dexta tractors was built in Dagenham between 1962-64 with a 2.5 litre 3 cylinder engine. We were delighted to receive a 50 year old engineering masterpiece for blasting and painting to it's former glory. We think the paint finish is better than the original, but that would be for you to decide (see the photograph in the scroll bar).

Some of our work has been recognised in the Reborn Tractor DVD which included some filming in our Coleraine facilities.

Alloy wheels

We offer a whole wheel refurbishment, through our special spray booth and oven system this includes:

  • Blasting to give the best conditions for the new colour to permanently affix to the surface
  • Additional work to ensure removal of kerb marks
  • Buffing to smooth off any blemishes, to leave "as new"
  • Powder coating (wet paint spray where filling in has been necessary
  • Optional lacquer finish

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